A Knight To Remember


RP’s Dance circle, many students danced in the center, while others recorded.

Riverside Prep Middle School hosted a school dance that took place after school in the MPR, the dance began at 5:00 PM and ended at 7:00 PM. The theme for the dance was a forest. It was optional to dress similarly to the theme forest or anything formal, and many people went all out for this dance.

Ava and two friends posing to take a picture

 The dance was decorated with lights and a few vines to achieve the forest look, when you walked in, there was a fake grass rug and flashing lights with different colors. There was a photo booth with unlimited use and some props to take photos with, there was dinner which was pasta with garlic bread, and had a few cookies as well. For drinks there was apple cider, you could get a whole bottle of apple cider too.

 They had a DJ at the dance, the DJ played a variety of songs like “Cupid Shuffle-Cupid”, “Crank that-Soulja Boy” and “Watch me whip/nae nae-Silento”. Many people were dancing and even created a dance circle. A student started dancing in the dance circle and made quite an impression on the crowd. A lot of people cheered him on as he was dancing to these songs. People even joined him. There was also a dance battle going on in the circle.

Taylin, Daniella, Antonio, Evelyn, and Abbygayle at the photo booth.

While the kids were dancing, the fire alarm went off unexpectedly and everyone had to go outside and sit on the lunch benches. Some people ran outside and some walked, luckily the fire alarm was just a false alarm. After they cleared everything and made sure that everything was fine they allowed the students to enter the MPR once again.

 Students continued dancing and enjoyed the dance, and some were drinking more apple cider. A few teachers attended the dance, Ms. Covarrubias was there and so was Ms. Urena. A couple of students left home, and some stayed until the dance was officially over.