Spies in the Skies


Spies in the sky?

Have you ever felt like you’re getting watched? Well your greatest fear has just come true. 

According to cbsnews.com on Saturday, February 4th a Chinese spy balloon was spotted in the U.S airspace and was shot down by a U.S fighter jet. Almost a week after that first one 2 more were spotted and soon after shot down. After they shot down the balloon they were gonna go to recover it, but postponed it because it fell deep in the ocean. When the officials went to recover the balloon they found a lot of high tech supplies. China claimed that it was strictly just a weather balloon, but the U.S thinks  much more. The U.S claims that the balloon carried equipment to gather intelligence from U.S

Chinese spy balloon caught flying next to a U.S fighter jet, and about to get shot down. balloon from deep in the ocean. Courtesy to cbsnews.com

Are They UFO’s?

The answer is no, they are not UFO’s. Some alien researchers and other people part of the alien research community speculated that they were UFO’s, but they aren’t.  found evidence that the person who built the balloons had ties with the Chinese military.

The U.S Navy recovering the chinese spy balloon from deep in the ocean. Courtesy to cbsnews.com

What China Had to Say About the Spy Balloons.

China said they offer no apology regarding the spy balloons sent to the United States. According to nbcnews.com China’s senior foreign minister offered “no apology” in his meeting with Secretary of State Antony Blinken,  “Meet the Press.” The United States is sure that there are still many more spy balloons all across the United States. 

Is it Only Getting Started?

Is it barely getting started? According to cbsnews.com “The U.S. has apparently been observing more such objects recently because the military enhanced the sensitivity of its radars.” Many more unidentified objects have been found, and shot out of the sky.