Could a Zombie Apocalypse Happen?

Graphic of zombies rising from the grave. (Made by Tanner Rossiter)

Graphic of zombies rising from the grave. (Made by Tanner Rossiter)


Have you ever watched the hit HBO show The Last of Us? It is a show based on the popular video game that follows the adventures of Joel and Ellie making their way across the now zombie-infested USA. The apocalypse in the show started with the spread of fungi infecting the world’s supply of flour made in Indonesia. This show has raised many questions such as the possibility of a zombie apocalypse. 

Cordyceps Fungi

There is one type of fungi that can take control of its victims and it is the cordyceps fungi. The cordyceps fungi can be found across the world but they are found abundantly in Asia. The fungi live in warm tropical forests. According to, “The cordyceps fungi infect ants with spores.” The author continues, “The researchers speculate the fungus disconnects the ant’s muscles from its brain to master body-snatching success.” ( The spores enter the ant’s bloodstream and infect the body. The spores eventually gain control of the ant’s muscles, effectively taking complete control over the ant. The spores slowly drain the ant of nutrients. Finally when the ant’s nutrients have depleted the spores reproduce, allowing the continuation of this fungus.

How Could This Infect Humans?

The cordyceps fungi could infect humans if they adapt to hotter conditions. The human body is too warm for fungi to infect humans. According to Yale University, “Most fungal species cannot grow above 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.” Also, human bodies are more complicated. This makes it effectively impossible for the cordyceps to infect humans unless the fungi evolved. Theoretically, if the fungi evolved, it would be detrimental because there are few effective treatments for a fungal infection. It would take years to develop a cure and by then most of the world will probably be dead or infected. However, I stated this scenario is almost impossible to happen.



This Cordyceps fungus could be dangerous if it evolves to hotter conditions. However, this is very unlikely, thankfully. In conclusion, the idea of a zombie apocalypse is improbable but still possible. 

Graphic of zombies rising from the grave. (Made by Tanner Rossiter)



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