Mental Health


     It is always important to take good care of yourself, to do that you have to have good mental health. Mental health is something each of us has to maintain. Many people struggle with anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts. Each and every one of us needs to be healthy and happy to progress in life. Even though many of us think we do not need therapy, many people have said it helps, so why not give it a try? Another thing to keep us happy and healthy is talking to friends or family because that does not cost money. You can always talk to our school counselors. Our school also provides therapy at no cost. It is hard to talk to others, but often it can help you get through hard times. Even if you’re scared to open up you should always try to find someone you trust. Even if you think no one cares about you, many people care, friends, family, and even teachers. You are an important person, who can make a big difference. Do not let anyone change who you are. We asked people how they deal with their mental health issues, and the first person we interviewed said “I listen to music”. The second person we interviewed said,” I draw”.


5 ways to care for yourself