How RP Celebrates Easter

Easter is celebrated many different ways. Some go to church, bake cakes, or host egg hunts. People even give others Easter baskets with goodies. Though many people celebrate, others don’t because of their religion. The real question is how does RP celebrate easter?

We interviewed a couple of people on campus. Including 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Hinojo, she stated that she celebrates Easter by going to the park with her cousins. Mrs. Rojas, a 7th & 8th grade math teacher, says she celebrates Easter by going to church. Mrs. Veronica, an administrative professional, makes baskets for her kids and has a BBQ with her family. We even asked a nutrition service worker, Cynthia Devries, who said that she makes Easter baskets, paints eggs with her kids, and goes to church service. 6th grader Hailey Alec stated that she goes to her grandma’s house and has an egg hunt. As well as Jayden Munoz another 6th grader who has a Easter egg hunt to celebrate the holiday.