Angry Chihuahuas

     Ever wondered why chihuahuas are so angry? Well, they are known for their type of anger, and their aggressiveness despite their size.

Chihuahuas are a small breed, and they can be scary when they are angry. They are known for their loud barking and aggressive behavior, which can be quite scary to those who are not familiar with the breed. Chihuahuas can be loving and loyal companions, but they can also be territorial and protective of their owners.


When a Chihuahua is angry, it is important to not get scared or show any type of fear. It is also important to remember that Chihuahuas are very sensitive and can become easily overwhelmed. If a Chihuahua is feeling threatened, it is important to remove the threat and have a safe and secure environment.

A cute picture of a chihuahua, made by Enrique Roque

 It is also important to understand that Chihuahuas are very intelligent and are fast learners. With proper training and socialization, Chihuahuas can learn to control their anger and become more relaxed and trusting.

When it comes to dealing with an angry Chihuahua, it is important to remember that punishment is not the answer. Instead, it is important to provide positive reinforcement and reward good behavior. This will help the Chihuahua to understand that it is not acceptable to act aggressively and that it will be rewarded for good behavior.

Overall, Chihuahuas can be wonderful partners if they are properly trained and if they are socializing with other dogs and people. With patience and understanding, an angry Chihuahua can become a loving and loyal pet, they are even attention seekers when they are really young or at an age where they would do anything to get your attention. 


Also fun fact: according to the American kennel club, chihuahuas don’t do well in the cold. In fact they were bred for the warm temperatures of Mexico. This makes the owner buy them coats and sweaters; it also makes them buy an entire wardrobe for the winter. 

Did you know that having a chihuahua is really affordable?

This was stated by wellnesspetfood, they are affordable because of how small they are. It basically follows up that they don’t eat as much as you would expect. All considered, it’d be a good investment to get a chihuahua and train it if you prefer small and loyal dogs.m