Is Starwars: Jedi Survivor Worth Your Money?

Photo of Cal Kestis used on the game cover. (Courtesy Forbes)

Photo of Cal Kestis used on the game cover. (Courtesy Forbes)

Is Star Wars: Jedi Survivor Worth Your Money?


Star Wars: Jedi Survivor is an action-adventure game that follows the journey of the Jedi Cal Kestis as he tries to survive and reach the planet Tanalorr. This action-packed game is a sequel to the hit game Star Wars: Fallen Order and was released on April 28, 2023. 

New Features

Star Wars: Jedi Survivor has added many features that were not present in the first game such as more Lightsabers, more force powers, Jedi mind tricks, and many more. This game also has improved graphics compared to the original game. These features are great and add more depth to the game, especially the new Lightsaber styles. These new styles let you customize your play style. The crossguard lightsaber is heavy and slow but it has extraordinary power. The original lightsaber provides the most versatility and gives you the classic Jedi experience. The blaster style includes a blaster and a lightsaber. The blaster allows ranged combat and more versatility. The dual-wield Lightsaber and the double-bladed Lightsaber provide more speed and agility but, will cost you some power. The cosmetics have also improved drastically. You can customize the protagonist, Cal Kestis, his Lightsaber, his droid, and his blaster. This adds even more depth to the game as you can customize everything to your liking. Additionally, the game added shops, bounties, and side quests. 


The story in Jedi Survivor takes place five years after the original game Jedi Fallen Order. The story is mainly about locating a hidden planet of Tanalorr while on the run from the Bedlam Raiders and The Galactic Empire. The planet Tanalorr is hidden away from the rest of the galaxy in a black hole so the remaining Jedi and other people on the run from the Empire can take refuge. The only way to navigate through the black hole is to use a special compass created by the Jedi Sentari Khri centuries before the game takes place. The main enemy of the game Dagan Gera is a Jedi from the high republic era. During the high republic era, Dagan was obsessed with the planet Tanalorr so, when the Jedi Council declined his request to start developing a temple on Tanalorr he went crazy. He tried to kill his master Sentari Khri so he could obtain the compass to Tanalorr. When he tried to grab the compass Khri cut off his arm. She preserved him or kept him alive in a bacta tank. Then when Cal Kestis found him in a bacta tank centuries later, on the planet of Koboh Dagan got mad at Cal and left. Dagan soon became allies with the Bedlam Raiders because their leader Rayvis knew Dagan and owed him. The Bedlam Raiders soon began the search for the compass too. Soon Dagan and Cal Kestis dueled on the shattered moon for the compass. Cal defeated Dagan and gained possession of the compass. When Cal and his crew went back to their home base on Jedha, Cal’s right-hand man Bode Acuna betrayed Cal and took the compass for himself and his family. Bode wanted a safe place for his daughter and believed Cal would bring danger to his family if he went to Tanalorr too. Cal lost all hope of reaching Tanalorr until he found another way to make it there. On the shattered moon, Cal finds an ancient array that provides a path through the black hole into Tanalorr. Cal travels to Tanalorr and faces off against Bode. Cal tries to get Bode to surrender for the sake of his daughter. When Bode refuses, Cal kills Bode with the help of Merrin, his girlfriend and former night-sister of Dathomir. Cal sets up base on Tanalorr then the game ends. 

Bugs, Glitches, And Other Problems

Jedi Survivor had a poor launch. There were many bugs, glitches, crashing, and other technical problems on release especially on PC. Personally, I did not experience any bugs except the occasional frame rate drop, but other than that the game was very smooth for me. The bugs on release turned off many players. Some people refused to buy the game until it was fixed in protest against game studios releasing buggy and unfinished games. The game fortunately, was patched soon after release but, it is still pretty annoying that it was not running smoothly in the first place. 


Jedi Survivor has many planets you can explore like Jedha, Koboh, Coruscant, a shattered moon, Nova Garon, and Tanalorr. These planets are huge and you can spend hours exploring, looking for crates, currency, secrets, and even hidden bosses. The exploration provides hours of gameplay beyond the main story.


Jedi Survivor’s gameplay has many different special moves, force powers, mind tricks, and lightsaber combos. As you collect more skill points you can unlock different lightsaber attacks, force powers, get additional health, and many more. This makes the progression feel satisfying and personalized.

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Jedi Survivor is an amazing game with a compelling story, fun combat, and endless exploration. If you are a fan of Star Wars I highly recommend this game despite the bugs and glitches. 

Photo of Cal Kestis used on the game cover. (Courtesy Forbes)