Skating the Knights Away


Ayleen Jorge

This is the floor where people skate and where all the games take place.

On January 19th 2023 at 6:00 p.m to 8:30 p.m was skate night for Riverside Prep. The skate night was at Holiday Skating Center. Staff members, family members, and students were all there for the fun.

When you walk in this is what you first see, with their bright colors. (Ayleen Jorge)

Holiday Skate sold food and drinks and they also had vending machines. They also had a photo booth machine, an arcade, two-coin operated rides, tables to eat, and a place to get skates and skating buddies. Skating buddies are used to hold onto when you’re skating to keep you from falling. The decorations were very colorful and bright because it was dark. The overall vibe was nice because it was calm and fun. At certain times there were different games but most of the time it was regular skating in a circle counterclockwise. The music was up-beat and trendy music like “Sure Thing-Miguel”, “Just Wanna Rock-Lil Uzi Vert”, and “Bad Habit-Steve Lacy.” The music was probably one of the best things at skate night.

Breeanna Garcia and Ashylnn Kerr stated that they attended, “Because of our friends.” Garcia and Evelyn Godinez stated, “Our favorite part about skate night is the skating.” Two people were at skate night their first time and another two people have been at skate night before. Emaul Robinson stated, “The floor was my favorite part about skate night.” Everyone except Kerr had a great time: “My experience was bad because I fell a lot,” Kerr stated.

People were dancing while skating and some people even skated on one leg. People were surrounding the ASB teacher’s kid because he was dancing and everyone had their flashlights on. People were doing a dance called “getting sturdy.” People were having fun with their friends and having a good time. Not all people there were skating; they were just sitting around talking to their friends.

This is a picture of our first 2023 RP Skate Night. (Ayleen Jorge)

Everything at Skate Night went really well, the food was good and everyone looked like they had a fun time with their friends. Overall, our RP Skate Night was a big success!