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Evolution of Fashion

Evolution of Fashion

The evolution of fashion has changed a lot. In this article, we are going to go over fashion from the 1900s to 2024.


1900 – 1910

The 1900s was near the end of the Victorian era. Hats with feathers, skirts that were mainly poofy from the back. People in the 1900s found this elegant, in which people still may think so. Poofy sleeves were found in almost every dress, Ruffled Jabot collars were also surprisingly still popular (as those collars were mainly used in France during the 1700s), and parasols were also a must in everyday life. For men, suits were also a must, normally with a top hat, sometimes even wearing vests, with maybe a cane for extra elegance.

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1920s – 1930s

The 1920s, and the Victorian era have come to an end, but fashion is still with a powerful elegance. Short wavy hairstyles were popular (short hairstyles in general), and thin eyebrows would have made you look relaxed and sad. Feathers on your head were still popular, except they weren’t on hats anymore, they were on headbands. Plain dresses that were not poofy and sleeveless were also pretty popular. For men, it was still the same. More modern-style suits were being worn and more men were seen wearing vests, top hats still being a thing. In the 1930s, more long-sleeved shirts were being worn, and more blazers too, hats became a thing again.

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1940s – 1950s

In the 1940s, Women had a more manly ish style while still being ladylike. Hats that were straight with a ribbon tied around them were popular, and blazers with the end being more longer and open. Long ruffled poofy skirts were also popular. Men would wear more fedoras than top hats, trench

became a trend, and normal blouses also became normal as men used fewer and fewer blazers. In the 1950s, fashion was inspired by

Marilyn Monroe (who is still considered the most popular woman ever to live) Marilyn had many many books and taught women that they didn’t have to obey men to live a life. She was also one of the first if not the first woman to wear jeans when they were only allowed for men. 1950s fashion consisted of short-sleeved dresses with fancy bucket hats and gloves.


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1960s – 1970s

In the 1960s, more modern fashion would be worn. In almost all photos, the woman would be blonde, so blonde hair was probably a trend in the 1960s. Different varieties of colored dresses were worn such as neon yellow or hot pink, and patterns like Pokadots or Plaid. As we’ve said, Marilyn Monroe was one of the first to wear jeans as a woman, so in the 1960s women started to wear jeans. Makeup was being worn as if it came out of a comic. The men would still dress formally of course, but in a different way. Men would start to wear different kinds of ties, some men even wore just a long-sleeved turtle neck shirt. In the 1970s, More and more pants started being worn as dresses were still used commonly but less. People started wearing clothes that looked straight out of vibrant-colored comics. Shoes like Loafers and MaryJones also started to become popular. High Rise jeans were also frequently worn.

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1980s – 1990s

In the 1980s, More pants started to be worn for normal events and dresses were being worn for special occasions. For women, long very poofy hairstyles were popular. The colors have calmed down but are still vibrant. More bootcut jeans were being worn, and again they were mostly highrise with their blouses tucked in. More black representation started to be protested as well. For men, it was still basically the same, except the “punk” style started to be popularized. Punk consists of dark clothing with a characteristic of expressing anger within the fashion. In the 1990s, different types of styles were popularized, like crop tops or braids and maybe even tight skirts, tank tops also started to get popular. For men, baggy clothes started to get popular as they started to leave the formal fashion they’d had for years and years.

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2000s – 2010s

We’ve finally reached the 2000s and a new style called Y2k is starting to rise. Popping colors are starting to get popular. Bras and tank tops are starting to get even more popular. Jeans in this era were normally flared and were extremely lowered, showing their belly button. Such stuff as tracksuits, mini skirts, denim clothing, fake fur jackets, and more stuff that made them look hot were worn. It was no longer about elegance, it was about how many boys would find you hot. Brands like Victoria’s Secret, Playboy, True Religion, and Juicy Couture were also popular. Styles like Scene, Emo, and Punk were also popular; all three consisted of dark colors. The men would still wear baggy clothes, as well as caps or bandanas and also sunglasses. In the 2010s, Y2K was still popularized but it was more calmer. More tank tops were popularized and fewer crop tops were being worn. Bootcut jeans were also popularized (basically flared jeans but a bit less flared). For men, clothes were a little less baggy but still kept that feeling.


2020 – 2024

In 2020, the pandemic started causing people to get bored and explore new things at home. Around early 2020, a style called VSCO started rising. Messy buns with scrunchies started being used with skinny jeans. Other styles like Kidcore, Cottagecore, Preppy, And alt also. Kidcore consists of nostalgic feelings of being a kid with pops of colors. Cottagecore is what you expect it to be which is a natural feeling with mushrooms being loved in cottagecore back in 2020. Alt may look goth but it’s not, Alt still consists of dark colors but it also contains hot pink with purple, maybe even spiked shoes with an oversized sweater.


Now it’s 2024, people have multiple different styles. A new Y2k is popular, what is it? Acubi. Acubi normally consists of gray with a dark blue. Stars and sunglasses with oversized sweaters. Other styles are emerging which are dark like Punk and Goth.


It’s crazy to think that we went from fancy dresses with poofy sleeves with feathers in the hair to going to styles that represent you the most.

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