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Bumping Into a New Volleyball Season

Bumping Into a New Volleyball Season. 


 Riverside prep volleyball players were interviewed about how they feel about the game. Every volleyball player we interviewed all said something about doubles. Their season has been going well and all the players we had interviewed are all well at volleyball and have been playing for a while.  Jaylene and I interviewed players that were in 6th to 8th grade, most of the players that were interviewed were 8th graders, and a very few that were in 6th and 7th grade. The team has been well at their games and really played well.

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 : Jaylene Flores.  Meeka, Malaya, Brooklyn, Imani, Juliet, Haylee


The first five girls we had interviewed are, Imani Springfield, Athena Alva, Malaya Bly, Audrey Reyes, and Haylee. The first question was: What is the most misunderstood rule and why? Second question is: What rule would you change about volleyball and why? Third question is can you explain what a double hit is and how it affects the game.


The first players we interviewed were 7th graders. They answered the first question st of the players said doubles .Alicia in 7th grade said the misunderstood rule in volleyball is the line because some people think the ball hits the outline when it doesn’t. Everyone has their own opinion on everything but all these players agree on mostly everything. The doubles was mostly said from these players.


 The rule of doubles is when one of the players touches the ball twice in a row, or if the ball touches two parts of the player’s body in that play. You can only hit the ball about three times but the third time your team hits it, it has to go over the net or it’s the other team’s point and ball, sometimes when a player sets the ball they can sometimes turn it into a double.  But if the volleyball hits the net you can still play it as long as you follow the rule on only three hits and the third hit back to the other team.


You are only allowed to have about six players on the court, so that means in total there are twelve players playing on the courts. Volleyball is a good sport made for boys and girls, our RP girls volleyball is a really good team and always has faith in their games. Our RP volleyball team played a school named U.P (University prep). Our school won against U.P.

formats of the team should be addressed. First in the front row which will be the first six in the front we have the two sides getting the sides and the middle front is the setter but the six players don’t stay there the whole play they rotate around. The three players in the back just play in the back row. The person on the right back serves the ball but once again they rotate so every player gets a chance to be in a different position.

Photo by: Jaylene Flores.  Imani #2 Outside hitter     Brooklyn #8 Middle    Meeka #6 Left back

 Photo by: Jaylene Flores.       Athena #1 Setter

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