Hear for Music: What music is RP Campus Listening To?


Courtesy to Kim Erlandsen via Flickr

Have you ever thought about who your favorite music artist is? On November 9th, I interviewed 3 people at Riverside Prep asking them who their favorite music artist is to get to know who people prefer to listen to.


I interviewed Mr. Snyder, the assistant principal. I found out that he likes the artist Cody Johnson, and the song he likes the most about Cody Johnson is “God bless the boy.” He said he has listened to the music artist for 2 years.


The following person I interviewed was a 7th grader, and he preferred to stay anonymous. I asked what his favorite artist is and he said, Kendrick Lamar. He said his favorite song is, “Alright” by Kendrick Lamar. I asked him how long he listened to him and he said he’s listened to him for about 5 years and felt relaxed when listening to his music. Kendrick Lamar is a famous rapper.  


 I interviewed another student who chose to stay anonymous and asked who they like to listen to. They said Lil Maru. I asked what their favorite song from Lil Maru is, and they responded with, “On The Block.” I wondered how long he’s been listening to Lil Maru and he said for 3 months.


After interviewing RP staff and students, it’s clear that students like country and rap. Leave in the comments what type of music you like.