History of Skateboarding

     Do you ever have free time, and just want to go outside to spend time alone? Well, there is a sport called skateboarding and here we will be talking about skateboarding and the history behind it. 

     The inventor of skating was Larry Stevenson who was also a part of the first skate team. Before skating was titled “skating”, they used to call it “sidewalk surfing”. Weird right? Well at first people started skating around places and most places were permitted to skate, but some weren’t. Most of the time, it was possible that the police would get involved and you could get arrested for skating in some places. Most store owners didn’t want skaters skating whether it was in front of the store or behind; they didn’t like it because they could be fined for the damage. At first, the skateboard looked weird, almost like a stick of wood on wheels. They finally evolved, and the plain board became a graphic board with cool designs. You would have to pay more money to get a design on them customized, or you could just design them yourself. 

     At school, they don’t allow people to ride their skateboards on school grounds, so they would have to be put in a classroom or the office. Even though students can’t use them at school, many students enjoy skating after school as a way to get home. 

Here’s what a skateboard now looks like.
The skateboards in this picture were by kids at Riverside Prep Omar Castaneda, Jayden Shima, and Alexander Rivera. Photo by Jayden Shima


     In skateboarding, there are many different styles of skating; street skating, vert skating, park skating, and freestyle skating (masterclass.com). It was created around 1959. It wasn’t that popular back then, but in the 20th century, skateboarding became more widely known and famous. People started coming up with and doing tricks you wouldn’t usually see. Most skaters are in Los Angeles, and there are about 85 million participants worldwide. 

     Skateboarding is a great way to stay active and have fun. It can be done alone or with friends. Skateboarding can be done in a variety of places, such as skate parks, streets, and even in your backyard. Another thing they would do is make skateboarding an Olympic sport. It has been featured in Tokyo, Japan (olypmic.com).

    Skateboarding is a great way to express yourself and show off your skills. There are many different tricks and maneuvers that can be done on a skateboard. Skateboarding is also a great way to meet new people and make new friends.

    When it comes to the cost of a skateboard they could be really expensive especially when you wanna buy the parts for the board. At a minimum, you would spend over $100. But one more thing you need to skate is shoes, shoes help you feel better and help you move better.If you want a place for skateboards, skate shoes, and clothes Pharmacy Board Shop or Vans are popular skate stores.