RPMS Spooktacular Fall Fest


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The fall festival was full of booths and a big haunted house with a big line in the middle of all the booths. There were Halloween decorations and there were a lot of kids and parents, and everyone was having a good time. The type of booths students were enjoying included: a hot chocolate stand, a rootbeer, pie in the face, face paint, cup noodles, a photo booth, pop the balloons, cup pong, corn hole, and a whole lot more.

The majority of people have said that the haunted house was their favorite but not worth the wait and tickets and the games were better. Some people also said that their favorite booth was the food booth and their teacher’s booth. I’d say most people said that the fall festival is fun and would go again next year but would change some things about it. They would most definitely change the number of tickets for the haunted house. Sarah Amyah said, “My favorite booth is the food booth and my least favorite is the raffle tick

Courtesy of RP Facebook

ets and I didn’t go in the haunted house, but I feel like it’s worth the 8 tickets and would definitely go again next year.” 

Christopher Casto also said, “My favorite booth was the food booth, and one of my least favorites is when they don’t give you anything and the haunted house was not worth 8 tickets.” Overall, the Fall Fest was a success and most would say that they would go again.