Why You Should Buy Pizza Tower

Courtesy to Tour De Pizza

Courtesy to Tour De Pizza

Pizza Tower is a fast-paced game, where you have to collect these pizza-topping creatures, trapped in cages. The game was in development for a whopping FOUR years, during the development period, you could’ve subscribed to PizzaTowerGuy’s Patreon to gain access to special builds of the game, basically letting you playtest the game and getting a special role to the discord. In these builds, there were four playable characters, but in the full game only one is playable and the rest became a boss. But with that out of the way, Pizza Tower was finally finished and brought us an amazing game with great levels and gameplay. The game controls extremely well and feels perfect. There are some really difficult levels and some really easy levels, one example of a difficult level is WAR, yes it is called that. One easy level is Fun Farm, it’s called that as well. Each level has unique graphics and gimmicks. It feels like a hot-served pizza that was just cooked to perfection. There are five bosses in the game, as well as five floors

Peppino dashing into a living giant pepper, named Pepperman. Courtesy to Tour De Pizza

. Each floor has one boss and their health, weirdly, doesn’t increase, but instead lower, but their difficulty rises. One hard boss is a fake Peppino, a fake version of the character you play as. He’s taller, and his eyes seem loose. You basically have to

 dodge the fake Peppino copies, and after you dodge them, the real fake Peppino appears and you have to attack him to continue the fight. Each boss has two phases besides the final boss, where pizzahead brings out every boss and you have

to defeat them all, they all have the same health but they’re way harder. Fortunately, you deal four hits of damage to each boss, so it’s over quickly. Pizzahead is pretty difficult to dodge, as he can stun you, and it’s hard to hit him, as he is out of his vulnerable phase fast, so it takes skill to defeat him. Once y

A laser pointed at Peppino’s restaurant, seeming to destroy it. Courtesy to Tour De Pizza

ou do defeat him, you get a special pizza outfit and there’s an animation where the pizza tower crumbles and disappears, there are also two endings, the true ending, and the normal ending, for the true ending, you need to get all of the secret pizza tower treasures, and if you don’t get all of them, you get the normal ending. So I rate this game a 10/10, sometimes the game crashes, but it’s rare, and a fun fact is if you wait on the title screen without doing anything, something special happens.