Suicide Prevention

    Suicide is a very sensitive, but serious topic in our society. Many young people today die by suicide every ten to thirty minutes, there are also multiple attempts as well. Most of the time, these deaths could have been prevented. In the past few years, 15 percent of young people, as well as adults, have thought about suicide. Sometimes, these thoughts can be related to past, or current mental illnesses, like depression, and anxiety. Sometimes these feelings can develop over time, and they could get worse.


If someone you know has had these thoughts, or you think is experiencing these thoughts, speak to them. Opening up about these feelings can help them realize that they are not alone and make them feel better, do not judge them but voice your concerns. You can tell them that you are worried about them, and if they do open up to you, tell an adult or someone who can help. It might feel like you’re “snitching” or “breaking their trust” but their life is more important. You might be able to tell if someone has these thoughts and prevent someone from taking their own life. Sometimes it can be harder to tell if someone could be having these thoughts, they can still smile and seem normal even if something is going on. These thoughts might occur when someone experiences a loss, has a negative self-view, change in sleep patterns/lack of sleep, etc, if someone you know says things like, “Everyone would be better off if I wasn’t here” or “I wish I was dead” don’t be afraid to tell someone.


If you or someone you know has been experiencing these thoughts, tell someone you can trust, like an adult, school counselor, or anyone you feel comfortable telling. You can call a suicide lifeline as well, they will always help stop you and others from committing suicide. Please spread awareness so these deaths can be prevented.

You can call this number if you or anyone you know has been thinking of committing, 1-800-273-TALK (8255). Please do not prank call this number. There are also many different websites you can look at as well, and they might also be a big help.